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Hitchin Swimming Club (HSC) is a competitive swimming club. Our aim is to:

  • Provide a safe, enjoyable and friendly environment to allow all our swimmers to fulfil their potential as competitive swimmers
  • Develop and support swimmers at local, county, regional and national levels
  • Be seen as a centre of excellence for running an amateur sports club
  • Ensure those involved in running the club enjoy doing so

The entire running of the club is geared around achieving these objectives.

The club is fortunate to have a very strong coaching staff and a supportive committee.  As a not for profit organisation , we are also very grateful to businesses or organizations wish to support us.

Hitchin Swimming Club is:

  • Swim 21 Accredited
  • Clubmark Accredited
  • ASA Affiliated to Hertfordshire ASA and East Region ASA
  • Active within the Hertfordshire swimming community
  • Supporting an active competitive Water Polo section

Hitchin Swimming Club is proud to have swimmers representing the club at many levels of the sport.

Below we would like to acknowledge those who represent us at Championship Events.

2017 Qualifiers

National Qualifiers 2017

Scottish National Aged Group Swimming Championships – Sonja Lowdon

Scottish National Open Swimming Championships (29 June to 2 July 2017) – Alec Burchell

Scottish LC Summer Championships - Alec Burchell

Welsh LC Summer Championships - Daniel English

ASA East Region 2017 Summer Championships (50m)

Vicky Brakenbury, Hannah Currell, Freya Harwood, Sonja Lowdon, Jessica Turley, Jamie Brakston, Alec Burchell, Daniel English, Alex Evens, Mark Evens, Sam Gamble, Jude Gould, Glenn Harrison, Harry Jones, Matteo Lo Biundo, Ollie Owen, Martin Russell-Rogers, Daria Teobald


Hannah Currell, Alec Burchell

Congratulations to Mark Evens who set a new European Down Syndrome LC Record for 400m Free in 5:35.06.

Herts ASA County Championships 2017


Brakenbury Jasmine, Brakenbury Vicky, Burchell Alec, Cairncross Emily, Cooper Ashleigh, Currell Hannah, English Daniel, Evens Adam, Evens Alex, Gamble Sam, Gould Jude, Harrison Glenn, Freya Harwood, Jones Harry, Lo Biundo Matteo, Lowdon Sonja, Owen Ollie



Brakenbury, Vicky - Age: 15 – 100m Breast – 3rd

Cairncross, Emily - Age: 11 – 200m Breast – 3rd

Currell, Hannah - Age: 18 - 200m Fly – 2nd

English, Daniel  - Age: 15 – 400m Free – 3rd; 1500m Free – 2nd and 7th overall in his age group

Evens, Alex - Age: 18 – 100m Free - 2nd

Gamble, Sam - Age: 18 – 100m Back - 2nd; 50m Back - 3rd; 100n IM - 3rd

Gould, Jude - Age: 15 – 200m Free Finals - 3rd

Harwood, Freya - Age: 13 – 200m Fly - 2nd

Lowdon, Sonja - Age: 15 – 100m Breast - 2nd; 50m Breast - 3rd; 200m Breast - 3rd

Owen, Ollie - Age: 15 – 50m Free - 3rd



Glenn Harrison, Jude Gould, Daniel English, Oliver Owen

Boys 14-15 200 Medley – 3rd

Jamie Brackston, Sam Gamble, Harry Jones, Alec Burchell

Boys 10 & Over 200 – 3rd

Ashleigh Cooper, Freya Harwood, Megan Jones, Ella Chapman

Girls 12-13 200 Freestyle Relay – 2nd

Oliver Owen, Glenn Harrison, Matteo Lo Biundo, Jude Gould

Boys 14-15 200 Freestyle – 1st

Sam Gamble, Alex Evens, Jonathan Owen, Alec Burchell

Boys 10 & Over 200 Freestyle – 3rd

2016 Qualifiers

National Qualifiers 2016

Belgian LC Summer Championships – Rebecca Scott

1st Place in Girls 17/18 years – 200m Freestyle

1st Place in Girls 17/18 years – 400m Freestyle

English LC Summer Championships - Harry Jones

6th Place in Boys 16 years – 100m Fly

8th Place in Boys 16 years – 50m Fly

Scottish LC Summer Championships - Alec Burchell

9th Place in Boys 17/18 years – 50m Fly

Welsh LC Summer Championships - Daniel English

Welsh LC Spring Championships – Matthew McPherson

ASA East Region 2016 Winter Championships (25m)

Pip Amos, Hannah Currell, Sonja Lowdon, Alec Burchell, Jack Emerson, Alex Evens, Mark Evens, Harry Jones, Johnny Owen, Sam Gamble and Martin Russell-Rogers

ASA East Region 2016 Summer Championships (50m)

Pip Amos, Hannah Currell, Sonja Lowdon, Lauren Prior, Rebecca Scott, Alec Burchell, Jack Emerson, Daniel English, Alex Evens, Harry Jones, Sam Gamble, Matteo Lo Biundo, Matthew McPherson, Ollie Owen, Martin Russell-Rogers, Alfie Warnock


Amos Philippa, Currell Hannah, Jones Harry, Scott Rebecca


Amos, Philippa – 2nd place in Girls 15 – 50 Fly

Senior Club Captains

Isabel Pearcy and Harry Jones

Junior Club Captains

Olivia Matfield and Alfie Nellis